A friend of mine has a wonderful tattoo on her forearm that says

it won’t always be this way

When she first got it, I remember thinking that it looked awesome but the meaning was curious.  It made sense, but I wasn’t sure if I would want that phrase permanently on my body as a reminder of difficult days.  I wanted to stay positive and enjoy life.

But now, I think I understand why she chose that particular phrase to hold a constant place in her mind–because it’s true.

I have found myself repeating that phrase over and over to myself over the past few months.  Instead of bearing negativity, it has actually became a lifering on which to hang onto it.  And I have found that it brings hope.

If this world were to remain the same, there would be no purpose in living.  It would be one endless cycle of death and destruction.  Mankind would continue to strive for improvement, joy, and meaning; but it would all be futile.  The knowledge and faith that someday, things will be different brings hope and meaning to the pain of life.

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can have this hope!  One day, He will return, ablaze in glory and will restore all things to their original purpose and beauty.  There will be no more tears, no more pain, no more striving, no more death.  We will experience perfection for all eternity.

As I encounter terrible bumps in this race of life, I can continue to persevere because of the hope I have in Jesus.

it won’t always be this way