Life is full of lessons.  You just never know where they are going to come from.  Sometimes, the least expected places offer the greatest insights.  I wouldn’t say this was one of those greatest insight moments, but it definitely caused me to reflect upon the significance of it.

Recently, I met a high school girl at Starbucks.  She is going on Royal Servants this summer for the first time.  Over my grande drip, we talked about what to expect this summer, how to prepare, and what to pack.  I could talk about Royal Servants for a week straight so she probably received more information than she needed, but the point of this story is not what I said to her.  It’s what she said to me.

“I am super nervous to go this summer.  In fact, I barely talk about it; but I am going because God has called me to.  I want to be obedient to Him.”

Does it get any better than that?  Maybe it’s not what she said that has stuck in my mind ever since but the significance of it.  At 17-years-old, she has it right.  The greatest life lesson you can learn is to obey God, knowing that He has everything under control.  Even if what He asks causes fear or sacrifice, following Him is always best in the end.   “And in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

This story is just one other reason why I love youth ministry.  Although I like to think I am challenging, preparing, and encouraging youth over coffee, in reality, they are challenging me.