It was early April–in the Northwest.  Do I even need to mention that it was raining?  Actually, it was more like torrential down pouring.  My husband and I were on an 18-mile training run for our first marathon.  Within the first few miles, my clothes were soaked and my shoes soggy.My husband is one of those “everything-is-amazing” type of people.  He loves running in the rain.  He often tells me how great the rain feels on your face.I hate it.

The first few miles were killer.  I was so cold and miserable; yet completing that run was crucial.  I decided to send God a prayer, asking for a break in the rain.  In fact, I repeated that prayer over and over for about a mile.  What else was there to do every squishy step?

At four miles, the rain stopped.  A tiny bit of sun peeked through the clouds and began to dry out my clothes.  I was thrilled.  I believed that God could keep the rain away for the remaining 14 miles if He chose.  He is all-powerful!  So I asked Him for just that.

My husband, on the other hand, suddenly turned into a realist.  He expected the rain to begin again any moment.  It was spring in the Northwest after all.

But it never did.

We finished the run without another drop of rain.  I felt so overwhelmed by God’s love for me.  He cares about the smallest details in my life, even down to the enjoyment of a run.

That run is stamped on my mind as a practical demonstration of God’s love for me, as a reminder of the power of prayer, and as proof that faith in an all-powerful God is powerful.

And if you have faith like a mustard seed, you can move mountains (Matt. 17:20).

Now, I am not saying that if you pray the same prayer over and over, God will answer it with a “yes.”  Sometimes, His plans are different than our prayers; but He does always have your best interest in mind.

Right now, maybe you feel like the rain is coming down in a torrent.  I would encourage you to bring your fears, doubts, and concerns to Jesus.  Let His love flow over you.  Have faith that He will bring everything together.  Then lace up your shoes tighter and continue running.